Shop / Cutting techniques / Turning / MICRO Internal turning TIP Bar KYOCERA with carbid bars / 374100.100 TIP Bar KIT no.2 for internal turming
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for internal turning, back turning, internal groowing, face groowing & micro threading 

  • S16H-SVNR12N Standard round tool holder D=16mm with flats for clamping 
  • VNBR0411-02 P930 for internal turning
  • VNBTR0411-01 PR930 for backturning
  • VNGR0420-11P3930 for micro internal groowing
  • VNFGR-10PR930 for face groowing
  • VNTR045-11PR930 for micro internal threading
  • Carbide grade PR930, consult page  3.41 catalog SISO                                                                                                           
Art. No.D1AL2ZHM Price CHF HIT-price CHF Available Quantity
374100.100 16  4  10  6  PR930  273.60  228.00  Delivery time  on request Mengenrabatt