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Tool Online Shop - SISO Tools
Shop / Cutting techniques / Threading / Machine taps / Machinetaps with colour rings metric to DIN 371/376 / 5843..Yellow ring taps DIN 371 / 376, type 131/3 blind holes
Katalogseite(n) (PDF)

Yellow ring taps, DIN 371 / 376, type 131/3 blind holes

Single finisher from HSS, type 131/3  with champher, accuratly ground, chips are carried out backwards

  • Tolerance classe ISO 2 (6H)
  • Application: Materials with long chips, wrought alloys of aluminium, soft brass (MS 63 long chipping), wrought alloys of magnesium, aluminium cast alloy Si <5% red brass, phosphor bronce, copper, construction steels up to 700 N/mm2, steels for automatics etc.