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A reliable partner for your manufacturing solutions for over 100 years


For over 100 years, SISO-Mecanis Ltd. has been a reliable partner providing competent modern manufacturing solutions with our production systems, based on tools, precision tools and cutting tools for all metalworking: milling, turning, reaming, deburring, broaching, threading, grinding, sharpening, brushing as well as clamping tools and tools for the shop floor.

We also provide machine tools for sawing, milling, turning, deburring, and sharpening as well as measuring systems and instruments such as digital calipers, micrometres for external and internal measuring, height measuring machines, dial indicators and test indicators SISO-Tast for your quality control. We supply in-house blackening processes at room temperature and offer the following services: the calibration of your measuring instruments, the repair and sharpening of your tools. We put every effort into finding tooling solutions for your application and assure you quality, reliability and a perfect service.

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for cutting, assembly and shop Floor tooling and measuring instruments


Special offers

  • 1453..HSS DMo5 Circular saw blades


    Circular saw blades for metal cutting machine

    Metal cutting curcular saw blades made of HSS / DMo5 for sawing machines, vaporized. For:

    • structural steel
    • cold- and high speed steel
    • stainless steels
    • non-ferrous metals
  • 189032.. SISO-BIMETALL-M42VP



    M42 high performance band saw blade with variable tooth pitch for reducing a vibration during cutting.

    with positive rake angle (P, HOOK-Tooth) > 0° for high wear resistance, suitable for:

    • non-ferrous metals
    • for all steel alloys with a hardness< 45 HRC and stainless steels
    • large and full profiles of all material dimensions
  • 2512V20..Extra short endmill Z=3 TIALN

  • 2518V3810..Carbide endmills with variable helix 35/38 °



    2518V3810.. Carbide Endmill                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   with variable helix angle 35 / 38 °,                                                                                                                                                                                                  against vibrations, shank HB (Weldon)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ultra hard NANO coating



  • 2518V3810S..Carbide mills 35/38° fute in sets

  • 2551VA1..Carbide rotary burs, cylindrical, shank 6mm, plain end


    Cylindrical carbide rotary burs, plain end

    All round ground profiles give in high cutting quality
    High chip production and tool life

    Shank diameter: 6mm               

    Shank diameter 8mm: available on request at extra cost

    Cut  1  (Aluma cut) High roughing performance in steel (unhardened), aluminium, plastics etc.
    Cut  2  for stainless steel, tool steels, weldings
    Cht  3  for hardened steel, ferrous steels with high strength
    Cut  4  for all high alloyed steels and materials
    Cut  5  for hardened steels with high surface quality

  • 2551VS..Set of 5 rotary burs, 6 mm shank


    Set of 5 rotary carbide burs, 6 mm shank,  Ø 10 mm

    • 6 mm shank

    • Shapes 2551VA1.., B1../L1.., I1.., K1..

    • Cut according request: cut 3 or cut 4

    • in plastic-box

  • 374100.200 KIT TIP Bar no. 3 for internal turning

  • 4361V25..Solid carbide twist drills with internal cooling, 5xd


    Solid carbide twist drill with optimised cutting geometry, 5xd, and internal cooling

    Standard, carbide: DIN 6537 long, micro grain
    Coating: TIALN  with minimised friction
    Shank: DIN 6535 HAK h6, suitable for shrink fit chucks
    Point : specially CNC ground with 140° angle
    Helix geometry: 30°,  special geometry for thicker chips

    Application: High performance booring tools for the highest requirements on cost and bore quality, drilling of: cast iron, malleable casting, steel, cast steel, stainless and nickel alloyed steels, temperature steels and short chip producing materials      

    On request: Shank to DIN 6535HBK or HEK at extra charge

  • 5838..Yellow ring taps to DIN 371 / 376, type 105/4, trough holes


    Xellow ring taps, DIN 371 / 376, type 105/4 through holes

    Single finisher from HSS, type 105/4  with champher, accuratly ground, chips are carried out to the front

    • Tolerance classe ISO 2 (6H)
    • Application: Materials with long chips, wrought alloys of aluminium, soft brass (MS 63 long chipping), wrought alloys of magnesium, aluminium cast alloy Si <5% red brass, phosphor bronce, copper, construction steels up to 700 N/mm2, steels for automatics etc. 
  • 5838D..DUO-colour ring taps - yellow(HSS-PM) 105/4 for through hole


    Yellow (HSS-PM): Soft and light metals max 700 N/mm2, brass, copper, alluminium alloys

  • 5838DJET..DUO-colour ring taps - red (JET) 105/4 for through hole


    Red (JET) through holes, highly alloyed steels from 900 N/mm2

  • 5838DULIN..DUO-colour ring taps - blue(ULIN) 105/4 for through holes


    Blue (ULIN) trough holes, stainless steels from 800 N/mm2

  • 5838DULTRA..DUO-colour ring taps - black(ULTRA) 105/4 for through holes


    Black (ULTRA) blind hole, steels: construction and quality steels, max. 1000 N/mm2

  • 5838UGG..Green ring ULTRA GG for grey cast etc.

  • 5843..Yellow ring taps DIN 371 / 376, type 131/3 blind holes


    Yellow ring taps, DIN 371 / 376, type 131/3 blind holes

    Single finisher from HSS, type 131/3  with champher, accuratly ground, chips are carried out backwards

    • Tolerance classe ISO 2 (6H)
    • Application: Materials with long chips, wrought alloys of aluminium, soft brass (MS 63 long chipping), wrought alloys of magnesium, aluminium cast alloy Si <5% red brass, phosphor bronce, copper, construction steels up to 700 N/mm2, steels for automatics etc. 
  • 5843DJET..DUO-colour ring taps - red (JET) 131/3 for blind holes


    Red (JET) blind holes, highly alloyed steels from 900 N/mm2

  • 5843DULIN..DUO-colour ring taps - blue(ULIN) 131/3 for blind holes

  • 5843DULTRA..DUO-colour ring taps - black(ULTRA) 131/3 for blind holes


    Black (ULTRA) blind hole, steels: construction and quality steels max 1000 N/mm2

  • 75010..Hand


    75010.. Pillar


    T1 Bastard 

    T2 Second cut 

    T3 Smooth

  • 7PR.313..Drill point grinder 2- 25 mm


    7PR.313 et 7PR.314 drill point grinders

    • Precision grinding of +/- 0.05 mm
    • Rapid grinding of rake angle and point angle in one clamping
    • Easy and precise positioning of the drills gives a precise rake angle
    • Strong motor with constant speed leads to an ultrafine surface during grinding 
    • Easy change of the grinding wheels
    • Equipped with CBN wheel for long life
    • Diamond wheels available for grinding of carbide drills in series
  • Band saw HBS 220

    Band saw HBS 220
    • Automatic saw lowering
    • Automatic halt of the saw at the end of the cutting process
    • coulant pump
    • positioning oft the jaws on the mitre vice 90-45°
    • Cutting speed 40/60 m/min pole controlled
    • Motor power 1.5 KW etc.
    • Large choice of accessories on request
  • Double mittre semi automatic bandsaw actron265DG

  • Double mitre band saw HBS 265 DG


    Double mitring band saw HBS 265 DG

    Standard equipment:

    Tension control and breakage of saw band, cutting speed 40/60 m/min., automatic lowering of saw band, coolant pump, rapid setting of miter 90°-45° RH/ 90°-30° LH, rapid setting of bench vice etc.etc.


  • MICROTEST - single instrument in wooden case

  • Automatic bandsaw with pivoting frame fortuna220




  • TWIN-Cal IP 67


    IP67 digital calipers The range of IP67 calipers gurantees the highest level of protection against the ingress of dust and liquids. The TLC (Tesa Link Connector) system built into all the TwinCal calipers provides the connection of these instruments to a PC for the easy acquisition of measurement data. The unique display housing, protected by a steel plate surrounded with a rubber seal guarantees durability and offers fine sensitivity during measurement.

  • Universal carbide tipped circular saws


    Carbide tipped circular saws


    With carbide inserts of universal cut and with a special geometry.



    for machines without cooling (dry cutting) Jepson-type machines, used on building sites and other workplaces for:


    metals e.g. mild steel, flat iron and iron squares, tubes, sheet metal


    non ferrous metals like aluminium, copper, brass


    plastics like mild and hard PVC (plateaux, tubes or profiles), acrylics, polyethylene, GFK, etc.


    composite materials e.g. window profiles (aluminium) combined with isolation britches, plateau in thermic fibres, multiplex platau coated with caoutschouc, front plateaux with steam barriers.


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