Machine Tools

Our machine tool range:

WEDEVAG                Drill-point grinders

PROMAC                   Drill-point grinders
Kaindl                          Tool grinders
JET/PROMAC           Column type drilling machines
JET/PROMAC           Industrial drilling machines
JET/PROMAC           Drilling and milling machines
JET/PROMAC           Power drill with magnet
JET/PROMAC           Slitting saw machines
JET/PROMAC           Metall cutting turning lathes
JET/PROMAC           Belt grinders and sanders
JET/PROMAC           Double disc griders disc/disc
JET/PROMAC           Double disc grinders disc / brush
KLAEGER                  Metallcutting band saws
KLAEGER                  Metall cutting band saw automatics
KLAEGER                  KLAEGER      Vertical band saw machines
KLAEGER                  Bending machines
KLAEGER                  CoolTool® minimal lubrication systems
RSA®                         Deburring machines
HÄBERELE®             Slitting saws
HÄBERLE®               Deburring machines
RSA®                        Sawing and deburring centers