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7PR.313 et 7PR.314 drill point grinders

  • Precision grinding of +/- 0.05 mm
  • Rapid grinding of rake angle and point angle in one clamping
  • Easy and precise positioning of the drills gives a precise rake angle
  • Strong motor with constant speed leads to an ultrafine surface during grinding 
  • Easy change of the grinding wheels
  • Equipped with CBN wheel for long life
  • Diamond wheels available for grinding of carbide drills in series
Art. No. Bezeichnung Price CHF HIT-price CHF Available Quantity
7PR.2224 CBN Schleifscheibe zu 313  101.40  85.50  Available in3day(s) Mengenrabatt
7PR.2225 Diamant Schleifscheibe zu313  100.28  84.50  Auf Lager Mengenrabatt
7PR.2226 CBN Schleifscheibe zu 314  173.40  144.50  Auf Lager Mengenrabatt
7PR.2227 Diamant Schleifscheibe zu314  166.05  147.60  Available in3day(s) Mengenrabatt
7PR.313 Bohrerschleifmaschine 2-13mm  1'198.80  999.00  Available in3day(s) Mengenrabatt
7PR.314 Bohrerschleifmasch.8-30mm  2'033.43  1'829.00  Auf Lager Mengenrabatt