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General Terms and Conditions


These sales conditions are valid for all relations between the company SISO-Mecanis LTD as vendor and the clients as buyer in connection with the internet shop  www.siso.ch.
Assumed that these conditions do not contain diverging rules the rules for sales contratcs according the swiss laws (OR 184 cont.) are valid.

Finalisation of a contractVertragsabschluss

The following facts define a contract:

  • Delivery of the ordered products
  • Partial delivery of the ordered products
  • order confirmation for the ordered products, if delivery needs more time

The automatical sending of an email after receiving an order of a client is not an confirmation. The question is, concerning this email, only to confirm the receipt of the order, not an order confirmation. Some modifications until the delivery are reserved to the vendor. 

Prices, discounts, packaging, freight forwarding

Indicated shop prices are generally net, in Swiss francs,VAT excluded, EXW departure Allschwil-in case of direct delivery of one of our factories eventually EXW factory. Volume discounts are indicated by nearby icon Rabais de quantité . Packaging is invoiced at cost and is not taken back. In case of loss or dammage, the receiver is asked to contact the representatives of the transport company.

We are reserving at any time adaptations of the current prices, which may occur due to parity changes of the different foreign currencies of our factories and the Swiss Franc. Meanwile we tray to avoid or absorbe price increases by taking conform measures.

Minimum amount for an order

The minimum amount for an order is 100 Swiss Francs net.

Delivery times

Orders, arriving until 15:30 are delivered in general next day to the requested adress.  We reserve the right to apply a reasonable extension, if the goods are not in stock, force majeure clause or other not justifiable circumstances by us which delay a timely delivery or in the case, that the buyer delayes the payment of the invoices of past deliveries.

A delay of a delivery is not justifying a penalty for non-fulfilment or a cancellation of the contract. Partial deliveries have to be accepted in between a reasonable range. Freight costs are beared in this case by SISO-Mecanis SA.

Passing of  utility and danger

Utility and danger are passing to the buyer when dispatching the goods from our works.

Payment conditions

All invoices have to be payed in between 30 days net on the basis of the invoice date. If the buyer is not observing the payment condition it is reasonable to charge deferral interests , from the date of expiry , independant if a reminder has been sent.
The referral interest is fixed at a minimum of  5 % or higher. In addition SISO-Mecanis LTD is autorised to apply an amount which covers the cost for reminders.

Inspection of the goods and the right to return them  

The right to return delivered goods without failures and according to the contract is not existing. In case of imperfectness of material or production the buyer is demanded to report them without delay after the receipt of the goods. The right of the buyer, to address complaints expire to exist after 8 days after our delivery. After this date the goods are valid and axepted. Articles specially ordered by the buyer (e.g. special tools to buyer’s drawing) cannot be taken back. In case of returning goods the packaging cost are not credited.

Data privacy protection

We are treating all personel data of our customers under the strict rules of the actual Swiss laws of data privacy protection. All data received are treated confidentially and are not accessible to persons of third parties. The received data are exclusively used to be able to correspond to the conditions of contracts, for the treatment of the informations, demanded by the buyer as well as for statistical reasons.

Exclusion of responsability

All describtions and informations of prices and discounts in the shop have been established with the best possible elaborateness. Nonetheless we are not able to bear a responsibility
for wrong printing, technical modifications and incorrect data entry.  

SISO-Mecanis LTD is not liable for damages, caused by false manipulations with our articles and machines or missing knowledge of the correct application.

Property reservation

Til the complete payment of the invoices the goods remain the property of SISO-Mecanis LTD.

Applicable laws, place of execution and juridiction

The Swiss laws are applicable. It is our aim to arrange any misunderstanding in good agreement. If an friendly understanding is not possible the corresponding trial courts
are demanded to decide.

Place of execution is our domicil, Gewerbestrasse 15  in CH- 4123 Allschwil, Switzerland. However we reserve the right to claim our rightsat your seat or domicil.

Allschwil, the 1.Nov.2011